NCPPA Division IV

North Carolina Probation Parole Association

Steering Committee Members

Chair: Tiffany Nelson
Co-Chair: Heather Kennedy
Secretary: Rebecca Loftis
Treasurer: Angela Dobbins
Parliamentarian: Michelle Phillips


Tiffany Nelson
Division IV Chair


Heather Kennedy
Division IV Co-Chair

Come out and see what NCPPA is all about!!!

We’ve already implemented a NCPPA welcome greeting to all New PPOs once they have graduated from basic training. We have our Spring Workshop scheduled that will give officers an opportunity to attend and meet new members. We plan to work with concessions at the Asheville Tourist Baseball Games again this season to raise funds for our local treasury. This is only the beginning of a great year and we look forward to sharing these events with you throughout the year.

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NCPPA - North Carolina Probation Parole Association
Our goal is to provide members and prospective members with enough information that will encourage and inspire you to join our association and take an active role in your future in the Criminal Justice System.